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Neri&Hu: EDIDA ceremony

Neri&Hu: Elle Deco’s Designers of the Year

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The annual Milan Design Week (Salone del Mobile) in April is undeniably the event of the year. Although it was a place where we first launched Parachilna back in 2014, we are not a fan of Milan Design Week and all kind of shows like this (we have already said that before). Milan is a fantastic city but during this event it becomes impossible even to walk the streets or to be properly served in restaurants. The mass of people creates an unimaginable chaos everywhere mostly in Salone itself whose enormous dimensions does not make it easier. The biggest highlight was the ELLE DECO International Design Awards (EDIDA) ceremony, where we were pleased to see Neri&Hu Design and Research Office take home the Designers of the Year award. 


It was a well-deserved win for Shanghai-based creatives Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu. For over a decade, the partners have focused their energies on projects that blend function and innovation. They deserved it also because their the most victorious ability is their humanity. We rarely meet in our lives , even in our private circles such a nice, honest, humble, caring and smiling people. It is a pity that there is no award for the truest and the best person of the year because if there was one they would be the winners!

 Neri&Hu’s speciality is giving old-fashioned spaces and concepts a modern yet minimalistic revamp. For example, the design of their Bai lights for Parachilna was based on the traditional Chinese lantern.



“We always try to find meaning and purpose in the pieces we do,” says Neri. “We tried to make sure the idea of the lantern was still there, but it also needed to be abstracted in order to be relevant.”

In the update, paper was replaced with blown glass, wire was traded for high-quality metalwork finished in aged bronze and candlelight was swapped for an LED. They even incorporated their heritage into the name of the collection, Bai, which is a common surname in China. The end result: a family of hanging lamps consisting of a mother, father and a son – a clever reflection of China’s one-child policy.

The two architects have been on a winning streak in recent years. They were named Maison&Objet Asia Designers of The Year 2015 and Wallpaper* Designer of The Year 2014. In 2013, they were inducted into the U.S. Interior Design Hall of Fame.

With Jaime Hayón winning ELLE DECO’s Designer of the Year Award in 2016, we’re happy to see two more of our collaborators receive the accolade. The ceremony was marked with excitement, along with a touching acceptance speech from the duo to cap off the evening. 

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“Lyndon and I are deeply, deeply honoured and profoundly humbled by this award,” said Hu before passing the microphone to Neri, who left the audience with a thoughtful remark: “Design is important in the world today and design can make a difference.”


Congratulations, Neri&Hu!




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Jaime Hayón talks at IDS Toronto

Jaime Hayón explains the art of storytelling through design

In Jaime Hayón’s world, finding a place to sit is a fine balance between comfort and experimentation. It’s no surprise that before tucking into his breakfast at the Drake Hotel in Toronto, he had to go around the room, sitting in every chair, until he found the most comfortable one. Chalk it up to being a world-renowned designer who has created furniture and lighting collections for several brands – including Parachilna – all while blurring the lines between art, decoration and functionality.

The Madrid-born, Valencia-based designer aptly describes himself as “someone you can jump from the plane with.” As a teenager, he immersed himself in skateboard culture (see below) and graffiti art, and to this day, he still puts his fearless attitude to the test. Case in point: he walked for one hour (on a frosty January day) to Toronto’s Interior Design Show, wearing nothing but a light jacket.

Hayon in his skateboarding heydays

As Hayón steps onto the stage for his Azure Trade Talk, he jokes that he is still cold. Known for his sense of humour, Hayón brings a cheeky element to his work, which often embraces symbolism, storytelling and a touch of whimsy. These qualities have earned him several accolades, including multiple ELLE Deco International Design Awards and being named one of the most influential creators of the last decade by Wallpaper Magazine.

Speaking to a full house on International Trade Day, Hayón touches on his artistic background. Installation projects have always been a platform for him to experiment. His recent collaboration with Caesarstone, a manufacturer of quartz surfaces, is a perfect example. The expansive Stone Age Folk installation features furniture and decorative items topped with graphic mask-inspired faces. Clearly, Hayón has never lost the creative fire that he first kindled as a ceramics artist, long before he collaborated with Swarovski, Cassina or designed the well-known ABALLS lamps for Parachilna (below).

Hayon's Aballs pendants for Parachilna

His first project, 12 years ago, was a bathroom, but for Hayón, it meant so much more. It was an opportunity to experiment.

“For me, it was like a sculpture. It wasn’t a normal project. I wanted to create something joyful, feminine and playful,” says Hayón. “I never put boundaries on or classified what I was doing… I’ve always believed that by doing things, I was learning and developing my style; a dynamic aesthetic that, today, is really easy to recognize. I’ve never tried to be someone else.”

Hayon FAVN sofa for Fritz Hansen
Behind Hayón, images of some of his key works appear on a screen: the FAVN sofa for Fritz Hansen (above), the Monkey Side Table for BD Barcelona and the Catch Chair for &tradition. All of them are reflective of his imaginative approach to industrial design. He likens being a designer to being a magician – someone who does not just beautify spaces, but also transforms them.

Behind every project is a story, Hayón explains. After seeing a group of men with walking sticks exit a car, he created a collection of lamps based on the scene. Upon admiring the shape of musical instruments like the harp, he made the Arpa Chair. He even designed a Smartphone with a separate analog clock in one corner, a throwback to the days of the pocket watch.

Hayon Arpa chair

“I’ve always felt that a product could talk to you,” he says. “Sometimes, I start a project with just one image. It’s usually an image that tells me something and brings about a solution in line with the identity of a product.”

Hayón often carries his sketchbook with him, conceptualizing as he travels. History is one of his most prominent influences. He has a special interest in how old-world materials like rattan and porcelain are connected to certain regions, and how they can be modernized.

Hayon sketching

His collections for Parachilna illustrate his penchant for combining traditional techniques, like hand-blown glass, with contemporary innovation. When he can, he prefers to work with local artisans and materials. Oftentimes, these resources are found close to his home on the Mediterranean coast of Spain.

Hayon's Chinoz table lamp for Parachilna
Chinoz table lamp by Jaime Hayon for Parachilna

“I live in a village where I’m the only artist,” says Hayón. “I love it that way because I have a contrasting life. I go around the world, working on projects – to Tokyo or Africa – and then I come back to my city and enjoy the tomatoes!”

With a love of agriculture, Hayón has already pinpointed his next project: crafting his own olive oil, tomatoes and wine, the latter which he’s already started to make.

“I think it’s very special to be able to eat what you make. It’s a whole other level of creativity,” he says. “The power of imagination is always behind my work. That’s what drives the emotion of making things.”

Hayon Green Chicken
Before stepping offstage, Hayón leaves the audience with one last image: a photo of himself sitting on his Green Chicken rocking chair. For a designer with no limits, it’s quite possibly the most comfortable seat of all – emblematic of his ability to propel tradition into the future, and never stop moving.

Connect with us to learn more about Jaime Hayon’s lighting collections for Parachilna. In Canada, you can see Hayon’s lighting collections at LightForm lighting showrooms.

Roam Launch party Parachilna

Roam Launch party Parachilna


The invitation.

Roam organised a party to introduce Parachilna’s collections to the scandianavia market. He let the visitors discover the lamps in an old abandoned bunker.

Roam is a brand new Copenhagen based design distributor with adventure at the core of its philosophy. Travelling the world to find unique brands and innovative design solutions, Roam aims to delivery quality furniture and lighting to the Scandinavian market.


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