Our office is located in a little village called Colonia Güell, one of the most pioneering purpose-built industrial villages of the 19th century. The village is part of the town Santa Coloma de Cervelló. Approx. 23 km to the south west- of Barcelona.

The owner of Colonia Güell, Eusebio Güell, had one goal, creating social life in the industrial village and improve the living conditions of the workers and their families. He wanted Colonia Güell to be different than the other industrial colonies in Catalonia. He didn’t want to create another colony that was limited to simple small houses next to the factory. Their work was already hard enough. So he founded a school, a church, terraced houses, shops and made sure some doctors were living in the village.

When we came here in the beginning of 2013 looking for an office space, we felt de quietness, the peace, the love of Eusebio Güell that made him make this village. We were really impressed by the architecture. A lot of well known architects helped to make the factory, the houses, the school, and of course we can’t forget the church who was designed by the famous Gaudi. We just saw it all happening here. We felt it was the right place to think, to work and to design. So in June 2013, we placed our first foot in our new office, our new future. We started to make from an open spacious room a new home for a new start. And up to today we never felt one second of regret.

On below website you can enjoy of a little reportage made of Colonia Guëll :